Wiring Instructions and Diagrams

How to Attach a Microphone to a Hikvision IP Camera
Wiring Guide: How to Attach a Screw-Fit BNC Terminator to RG59 Cable
Screw-Fit BNC RG59
Two buildings, two cameras, recorder, PoE switch, router
IP Camera switch Bridge Router Recorder
How to Wire Up our In-Line CCTV Microphones
Two buildings, four cameras, PoE switches, PoE injectors, bridges, router, recorder
Wiring Guide: Wireless Farm Barn IP Camera Recording Kit
Farming Kit
Four cameras, PoE switch, PoE injectors, bridges, recorder
Four WiFi cameras, mesh bridges, switch, PoE switch, recorder
Four/five IP cameras, PoE switch, recorder, router
Here's how to add four or five cameras to a PoE (power over ethernet) switch which routes power and internet connectivity to the cameras through the et...
Four cameras, wireless transmitter/receiver, DVR