Wiring Instructions and Diagrams

How to Attach a Microphone to a Hikvision IP Camera
Here is how to attach a microphone to your Hikvision camera. Watch our video for microphone wiring instructions and connection settings to record sound on y...
Wiring Guide: How to Attach a Screw-Fit BNC Terminator to RG59 Cable
Screw-Fit BNC RG59
Two buildings, two cameras, recorder, PoE switch, router
IP Camera switch Bridge Router Recorder
How to Wire Up our In-Line CCTV Microphones
Two buildings, four cameras, PoE switches, PoE injectors, bridges, router, recorder
Wiring Guide: Wireless Farm Barn IP Camera Recording Kit
Farming Kit
Four cameras, PoE switch, PoE injectors, bridges, recorder
Four WiFi cameras, mesh bridges, switch, PoE switch, recorder
Here's how to mesh WiFi so you can connect a 4 camera CCTV system to internet and mains power. 
Four/five IP cameras, PoE switch, recorder, router
Here's how to add four or five cameras to a PoE (power over ethernet) switch which routes power and internet connectivity to the cameras through the eth...
Four cameras, wireless transmitter/receiver, DVR