Hikvision Cameras

How To; Turn Off The IR Light On A Hikvision IP Camera
First you will need to log into your Hikvision camera through its IP address. If you don't know what the IP address is you find this using the SADP too...
How To; Change The Default Admin Password Of A Hikvision IP Camera On A Hikvision NVR
Here's how to change the default admin password of your HikVision IP camera with a HikVision NVR. Right click mouse button and select the menu opt...
How To: Remove The White Cloud Circles On A Hikvision IP Camera (Anti-IR Reflection)
Bit Rate Comparison Chart For Hikvision Cameras
Hikvision Camera Bitrate charts.  Hikvision Camera Hikvision Camera 
How to configure VCA detection of thermal PTZ camera