SPYZ Range

What Does the Switch on the Side of my SPYZ Camera do?
Purpose Of The Guide You’ve probably noticed the little switch on the side of your recorder and wondered what it does? This guide will explain. Befo...
SPYZ15 SPYZ16 SPYZ32IR SPYZ62WF spyz SPYZ18 switch What Does
Where Can I Get the Software for my SPYZ Spy Camera?
Purpose of the Guide Thanks for purchasing one of our SpyCameraCCTV SPYZ spy camera recorders. We hope you grow to love these little guys as much as we...
SPYZ15 SPYZ16 SPYZ32IR SPYZ18 spyz Software Where Can i
How To: Use the Software for SPYZ Battery Powered DVR Cameras?
Purpose of the Guide In this guide, we’ll show you how to use the SPYZ Widget software on your PC or Mac to configure the settings on your device on bot...
SPYZ16 SPYZ15 SPYZ32IR SPYZ18 Software Configure
How To: Installing the SPYZ Widget on a Mac
Purpose Of The Guide This guide will walk you though installing the appropriate software for your SPYZ device on your MAC. Before You Begin You'l...
SPYZ15 SPYZ16 SPYZ32IR SPYZ18 Widget mac install
Configuring your SPYZ Recorder to Record on Motion Detection
Purpose Of The Guide This guide will help you to set your SPYZ device for recording on Motion Detection. Before You Begin Ensure you have a microSD ca...
SPYZ15 SPYZ16 SPYZ32IR SPYZ18 Configuring Motion Detection
Setting Up Your SPYZ62WF On Your Mobile Device via the APP
Purpose Of The Guide By the end of this guide you will have downloaded the software, set the device up,, be able to see the camera via your phone app and c...
SPYZ62WF Mobile Device app Setting Up
SPYZ DVR not Recording or Acting Strange? How To Reset
Purpose Of The Guide Help you to reset your SPYZ device should it not be working correctly. This guide fixes 90% of problems when these devises are not doi...
SPYZ15 SPYZ16 SPYZ32IR SPYZ18 Not Recording Strange How To Reset
SPYZ - Camera Footage
spyz SPYZ16 SPYZ15 SPYZ32IR SPYZ62WF SPYZ18 Camera Footage
How To: Install & Use the Software for Configuring the SPYZ Range