If you've just purchased an IP bird box camera from us, this might be your first hands-on experience with a camera like it, so this article is intended to answer some common (and uncommon) questions and help you get set up.

First thing, make sure that the camera you have is a 3rd Gen Green Feathers camera. The 1st and 2nd Gen Green Feathers cameras are used with an app called XMEye or iCSee and they are not compatible with the Green Feathers app. If you are not sure, take a look at this article: Which bird box or wildlife camera do I have?

Secondly; do not install the camera before you have definitely got it connected to your internet router. If you install the camera first and then try to set it up this can make things far more difficult!

Thirdly, you may ask what is an IP camera? This stands for 'internet protocol' camera, which is a device that can send images and video over the internet. The technology in these cameras is most commonly used in CCTV, but has many applications. It basically means your camera can be accessed anywhere in the world that has an internet connection (if you set it up correctly).

This guide will answer the following questions:

Which camera do I have? 

The easiest way to tell the specific model of camera you have is to look on the box it came in, the model code will be on the back, or there will be a tag on the end of the cable on the camera. If you don't have the original packaging any more, try to remember the time you bought the camera, and check the email that was sent to confirm the order. 

If the model code of the camera you have is an NCIP3WF, NCIP3 or GFIP320BWF then you have a 3rd Gen Green Feathers camera. 

If the model code is different, take a look at this article to find out which model of camera you have:

Which bird box or wildlife camera do I have?

How do I set it up?

Main Wi-Fi setup

Alternative Wi-Fi setup

Wired setup

Main Wi-Fi setup with Tuya Smart

Alternative Wi-Fi setup with Tuya Smart

How do I change the settings?

Settings menu and meanings

Exporting and saving footage

Motion detection and notification settings

How do other people watch it?

How to share the camera with other accounts

How to view in a web browser

What else can my camera do?

View and record on Windows or Mac computers

Live stream your camera feed to Youtube or elsewhere

View on a smart TV

Use an RTSP stream to view on a local network

Why isn't it working?

If the camera fails to connect to your Wi-Fi network, try resetting it and start again. You can also try the alternative setup method which can be more reliable. If this still fails, it may be related to the 2.4GHz/5GHz Wi-Fi issue, about which you can read more here. You can also create a support ticket here to speak to a member of our Helpdesk team. 

Please note that some routers do not allow for the 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks to be split, such as the BT Smart Hub 2. If this is the case, you can often just disable the 5GHz network temporarily, connect the camera to a Wi-Fi extender instead, or contact your ISP to see if they can replace the router for you. Click here for instructions showing how to disable the 5GHz network on a BT Smart Hub 2

If you have a different router, try searching for "[router name/model] how to disable 5GHz".

Some other questions

Can this camera run from battery power?

Yes, you can use a rechargeable 12V battery pack to power these cameras. Alternatively, though this is not something we sell or can offer much advice on, it has been reported that these cameras can be powered using a car/motorbike battery. When combined with a solar panel this can allow for uninterrupted power, providing weather conditions are appropriate.

Next Steps

We hope you have found this guide useful. If it has not answered your question you can see related articles on the right or raise a ticket.