Wondering what an error code means in iCSee Pro or XMEye? This is a list of the most common ones and their meanings.


Too many people are watching the live feed simultaneously, you can change the camera password to limit access to yourself, or reboot it to be able to access it again.


No permission, the added new account set the permission that your device couldn’t support.


Incorrect password. Only one account can be assigned to each email address. 


No account/email was found with the details entered.


Device does not exist or is offline, please log into the device and check if it is still connected to the internet router. If so, then verify the serial number/Cloud ID used is correct and the internet router is still connected to the internet.


Incorrect password.


Account temporarily locked due to too many incorrect password attempts.


Network timeout, changing network environment, or verify if NAT status is successful in the device’s system’s info page.

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