If you have a smart TV it is certainly possible, but because your Wi-Fi or wired IP camera is connected to your internet router rather than directly into the TV it is not always simple. Additionally most TV's are not compatible with mobile phone apps so iCSee Pro and XMEye cannot be directly installed on them.

By far the easiest way to do this would be to use a Chromecast or Apple TV and run iCSee Pro or XMEye to send the camera feed from your phone onto the TV screen. If you don't want to use either of those apps you can install VLC onto your phone, and enter the RTSP stream of the camera into it. Then you can use a Chromecast to send the feed to the TV.

You do not necessarily need a Chromecast or Apple TV but the process is more complicated without. 

If you have a computer with a HDMI port you can use this guide to easily add the camera to your computer then connect your computer to the TV.

If you are technically inclined, it is possible to use an RTSP stream to send the feed to the TV, but you will need to process the stream using a computer before it is sent to the TV. We have not personally tested this as these cameras are not intended for use with smart TV's, but if you are interested here is a good starting point.