Please take a bit of time to read through this quick start guide. Whether you are highly skilled, or don’t really know where to start, this pack is designed to help you with setting up your new CCTV equipment.

What's in the Box?

1x Gamut IP Camera or Gamut PTZ Camera or Hikvision PTZ or Hikvision IP camera
2x 20-metre Ethernet network Cables
2x 3-metre Ethernet network cables
2x WiFi Bridge Panels
2x Mains Power Supplies for Bridges
2x PoE Injectors
2x Sets of fixings for transmitters
 2x Sets of mounting screws

Before You Begin

IMPORTANT: it is best to set up everything inside a room and make sure your whole kit is working before you start putting things up on wall. If you encounter any issues these are easier to rectify as you won’t need to dismantle everything again to check what’s gone wrong.

You can find any support guides online from our help site:

To configure this system, you will need a PC/Laptop with an Ethernet (LAN) port.

Wiring up

Please follow the wiring diagram provided.

Pairing the WiFi Bridge Panels

Once you have setup everything in the room, depending on what bridges you have ordered you will have either Comfast or Ubiquity branded panels.

If you have requested us to preconfigure your bridges, we will always set to the IP address and If we have pre-paired the bridges for you, there will always be a label on the back of each bridges with the IP address we have assigned each bridge to, you label should look like this.

You will need to use a PC and enter the IP address of the bridges to make sure they are pairing. Just open your internet browser and type in the IP address into the address bar to double-check that the bridges are shown as being paired.

If you want to find out more about pairing the WiFi bridge panels check out our guide online using the following link:

If you have not had your bridges pre-paired, please read online more about how to do this: 

Comfast –
Ubiquity –


Configuring the System

Once you have confirmed that the bridges are paired, the next step is to download the software for your camera. Choose which type of camera you have below and read our guide online for more on how to do this.

Gamut IP Camera -
Hikvision IP Camera –
Hikvision PTZ Camera –
Gamut PTZ/IP Camera –

Once this is all done, you will need to use the wiring diagram and start to install all the equipment and put it all in place. Once complete and you can see the live feeds of the camera, you will need to give our technical team a call to do the remote viewing side, as they will help you some other configurations.


Remote Access Setup

If you want the ability to access the camera remotely over the internet, then we can get you all setup without you having to do all the complicated network configuration. Find out more about our remote setup packages on our website: