In this guide, we take you through how to add multiple Hikvision IP cameras to a recorder where the cameras are routed through a network switch and/or wireless bridge.

Step 1: Download the SADP Tool Software

First of all, download and install the SADP Tool from the link below onto your Windows PC.


Step 2: Check your cameras are being detected

  • Connect your Hikvision NVR to your network router using a network cable
  • With your computer connected to the same network, open the SADP Tool
  • You should see a list of all the devices attached now
  • Make a note of all the IP addresses that you see on the list
  • They should look something like ( the last section of numbers being different)

Step 3: Change the cameras’ IP addresses

If you have several cameras on the same IP address you will want to change these with the below steps:

  • Put a tick on the left to select the camera you want to change
  • Now alter the xxx digits of the IP address to be different to the rest of your cameras, for example, the updated address would read
  • Type the password in for the camera in the box at the bottom and click Modify.

Step 4: Gather camera information for any video feeds not showing up

On your NVR go to Menu > Camera > IP Camera.

Check the status list and make a note of the IP address of any camera showing connected.

Cross off these cameras IP address from the first list you made.

Now one by one edit the following channels for cameras which are showing as disconnected:

  • Change the channel from the Plug-and-Play to Manual adding
  • Change the IP address of the camera to the one you are adding ( for example)
  • Leave the protocol as Hikvision
  • The port as 8000
  • Username is admin (all lower case).
  • Password will be the one you set on the NVR.

Repeat these steps for the rest of the cameras you should find they all are added to the NVR now.

Need more help?

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