Thank you for purchasing your IP HD bird box camera from us, these next few steps will help you wire up your fantastic new HD bird box camera.


Unpacking your Camera

  • Unpack your camera and power supply so that you can start getting it set up.



  • You now want to connect the Ethernet cable into the weather proof connector, to do this you want to un-screw the adapter that you see below and take this apart.



  • You will now have the connections which you can see.



Connecting the weatherproof adapter

  • Feed the end screw cap onto your Ethernet lead and then carefully add the red rubber seal onto your lead. Now connect the white rubber seal onto your lead with the cut-away which is on the side.



  • Now add the other half of the connection onto your cable.
  • You want to feed the white rubber connection in between the black fins; this does fit you just want to be careful not to damage the fins.
  • Once the white part is in you can carefully feed the red rubber seal in and then screw the end connection on.



Connecting the ethernet lead to your Camera

  • Now connect the Ethernet lead into the connection on the camera.


  • Push and twist the two connections together so the fit as you can see below.


  • Push the end cap over the fins and then screw it in to place, this will be a firm connection so you may see the white bit pop out the end.



Connecting your camera to power and your router

  • Connect the mains lead into the POE injector which came with the kit.



  • Now connect the cable coming from your camera into the PoE side of the power supply.
  • Connect the short lead you have from the LAN connection into your router or HomePlug.


  • The image below shows the the wiring exactly goes to connect everything up into your router.


IP Camera wiring

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