By default the Hikvision Recorders come with all the audible alarms enabled. This can cause the system to sound buzzers even if everything is recording correctly. The most common reason people get this alarm sound is because they are setting up their recorder for the first time with a hard drive that has not been 'initialised'. This is just another word for formatting, which is the process of wiping off the hard drive and preparing it to be used by a new device. This needs to be done even with brand new hard drives. 

Keep reading to find out how to do this, or if your recorder alarm is going off for a different reason then scroll down to the 'Disabling All Alarms' section.

Initialising your Hard Drive

You will be prompted to initialise the hard drive during the initial set up, but let's assume that you are starting from the main live view menu. First off, right click on your mouse and log-in if prompted, and then select ‘Menu’.


Then select 'HDD'.

You will be taken to a list that looks similar to this; there should be a hard drive listed, showing the capacity and status of it. You just need to select the box to the left of the hard drive you want to format, then click 'Init' at the bottom right of the page. It might take a few minutes but once the process is complete the hard drive will show a status of 'Normal' and the free space will be the same as the capacity (since all the data has been wiped from the hard drive).

Now, your hard drive is ready to be recorded onto and that irritating alarm will stop! Keep reading to find out how to actually turn off all or some of the alarms.

Disabling All Alarms

If your recorder is beeping after the hard drive has been initialised then this may be caused by things like only having 2 cameras connected to a 4 channel recorder or not having a network cable connected. Not everyone uses all the channels on their recorder, and not everyone wants it connected to their network, so we’ll tell you have to turn off the alarms before they drive you crazy.

The first step is to right click on your mouse and log-in if prompted, and then select ‘Menu’.

Click ‘Menu’ to enter the main menu.

The next step is to select ‘Configuration’.

Next click ‘Configuration’.

Now on the Configuration screen select ‘Exceptions’ on the left hand list of sections.

Now click ‘Exceptions’.

Now you need to click on the menu next to ‘Exception Type’ and select ‘All’.

Now select ‘All’ from the drop down next to ‘Exception Type’.

Now ensure the tick box next to ‘Audible Warning’ is unticked and then click the ‘Apply’ button.

Uncheck the ‘Audible Warning’ tick box and click the ‘Apply’ button.

This has now disabled all the audible warning on your Hikvision recorder. You might however wish to re-enable some off them, for example ‘HDD Error’, as it would be important to know if your HDD had developed a fault.

To do this, click on the drop down next to ‘Exception Type’ and select ‘HDD Error’.

Tick the box next to ‘Audible Warning’ and then press the ‘Apply’ button.

Individual alarms, such as ‘HDD Error’ can be re-enabled if desired.

Now we have re-enabled the HDD Error alarm only. Feel free to go through and re-enable any more you may need although this is the only important one for most people.

Next Steps

We hope you have found this guide useful. If it has not answered your question you can see related articles on the right or raise a ticket.