Purpose of the Guide

In this guide, we’ll show you how to use the SPYZ Widget software on your PC or Mac to configure the settings on your device on both PC or MAC. 

Before You Begin

Make sure you install the correct version of the software. There are two different applications that work with different models of our SPYZ range. To find out which version of the software you need to use with yours, check the sticker on the underside of the unit. If it says SpyCameraCCTV it uses our DVR Widget software. If it says Zetta on the underside, it uses the Zetta Widget software.

To find out how to download and install the software for your SPYZ camera, read our article.


  • We’ll be using the DVR Widget software with a SPYZ15 in this example, but the layout of the software is the same as the Zetta Widget software.
  • Some options may differ slightly, as the software changes dependant on which model SPYZ recorder you have. 
  • The first step is to ensure that you have a MicroSD card installed in your SPYZ camera. Ensure the mode switch on the side of your SPYZ recorder is set in the correct position. We’re going to be configuring it through the PC Widget software, so we want it set to the Custom mode, which means making sure the mode switch is all the way to the right.
  • Plug the SPYZ recorder into your computer using the supplied USB cable.

Let's Get Started

Once connected, open up either the DVR Widget software or Zetta Widget software, depending on which you have installed.

When you first open the Widget it will be on the Date Time tab, which should look something like this:

Starting at the top in the section highlighted by the red box, is a confirmation that the SPYZ is connected, as well as a button to sync changes to the unit. If the SPYZ recorder is showing as disconnected in this box, ensure the MicroSD card is installed correctly and try connecting it to a different USB port on your computer.

The next section highlighted by the orange box, is the option to set the date and time on your SPYZ recorder, to the same as your PC date and time. This is the default selection.

The next section highlighted by the yellow box, is the option to set a custom date and time. This would be useful if you are configuring the SPYZ recorder on a PC set to a different time zone.


The final section highlighted by the blue box show the current date and time set on the SPYZ recorder.

Now is a good time to check if the date and time on the SPYZ is correct. If it isn’t, choose the method you would like to update it by, and click the Sync Date Time to DVR button.

Configuring Basic Settings

The next menu we’ll take a look at is the Option menu. To access this click on the Option button on the left-hand edge of the software. You should have something that looks like this:

As you can see there are only two options in here. You’ll probably want to leave Language set to English, but you may want to change the Setting Mode option. Changing this will alter the options you see on the Settings menu. To start off with leave this set as Express Mode, then click Save Option in the top right corner and then click the Settings button on the left-hand edge of the Widget.

This will display a list of common modes with a description of the scenario in which each can be used. If there is a scenario that fits you, then this is by far the quickest and easiest way to set up your SPYZ recorder. If you find one that suits you, select it from the list, then click Sync Settings to DVR in the top right hand corner. Then your SPYZ recorder is ready to go.

Setting Up Advanced Settings

If none of the scenarios suit you, or you like to tweak the settings further, then we’ll need to enable Custom Mode. Click back on Option on the left-hand side and this time change Setting Mode to Custom Mode and click Save Option in the top right-hand corner. Now click Settings and you should now have a lot of options, we’ll go through the options in the table below.

Video QualityThe higher the quality the less the video is compressed, meaning better quality but less recording time.
ResolutionThe higher the resolution the better the clarity, but the larger the recordings will be.
Frame RateThe higher the frame rate, the smoother the image, but the larger the recordings will be.
Indoor Lighting ConditionThis is the frequency of you electricity supply. For use in the UK and other European countries, this should be set to 50 Hz
Day/Night ModeDay mode gives the best image quality and frame rate, but may struggle to see in low-light conditions. Night mode reduces the frame rate and can cause moving objects to appear blurred, but they may still be visible. Auto switching will determine which mode to use based on the lighting level.
OrientationIf the camera is being mounted up-side-down, setting to up-side down will flip the video so it still plays back at the correct orientation.
TimestampWith this enabled, the date and time will be displayed on the video.
Circular RecordingWith this enabled, when the storage get full, the camera will start to record over older videos with the new recording, When disabled, the camera will stop recording if the storage fills up.
Split File TimeThis is the maximum length clip the unit can record. So if set to 15, and you recorded for 1 hour, you would end up with 4x 15-minute videos. This is also the minimum time it will record for when triggered by motion.
MicEnabled will record audio with your video, Disabled won’t record audio, only video.
LED on/offWhen on, the record light on the side of the unit will flash while recording. When off, the unit will give no indication it is recording.
Voice-Trigger SensitivityWhen set to high/medium/low, the unit will record when a sound is heard by the microphone. High will be triggered by quieter sounds and low will be triggered by louder sounds. Disabled will not record based on sound.
Vibration-Trigger SensitivityWhen setting to high/medium/low the unit will record when it, or whatever it is in, is moved. High will be triggered by lighter movement, low is triggered by harsher movement. Disabled will not record based on the device being moved.
Vibration Standby ModeEnables the camera to go to ‘sleep’ when not recording. This can ONLY be used when vibration trigger is being used. Motion and sound will not wake the camera up, you will have to physically move the DVR to wake it up. 
Motion-Trigger SensitivityWhen set to high/medium/low, the camera will record when something moves in front of the camera. High will be trigger by smaller, slower motion, low will be trigger by larger, faster motion. Disabled will not record based on motion.
Note: If all of the Trigger options are set to “Disabled” then the camera will record continuously when powered on.
Auto On/OffYou can configure the camera on turn on and off under certain conditions, or as timed in the schedule.

Once you have selected all the options to your needs remember to click Sync Settings to DVR and you’re ready to go!

Next Steps

We hope you have found this guide useful. If it has not answered your question you can see related articles on the right or raise a ticket.