Purpose of the Guide

Thanks for purchasing one of our SpyCameraCCTV SPYZ spy camera recorders. We hope you grow to love these little guys as much as we do!

This guide will help you choose and download the correct software for your device. 

Before You Begin

You'll need the product with you, the lead to attach it to the PC/MAC and an internet connection.

Let's Get Started

There are two different applications that work with different models of our SPYZ range. To find out which version of the software you need to use with yours, check the sticker on the underside of the unit. If it says SpyCameraCCTV it uses our Widget software linked below. If it says Zetta on the underside, it uses the Zetta Widget software, which you can click here to download.

To get started, you just need to download the software for the computer you have. 

SPYZ Spy Camera Software


How Do I Install the Software on Windows?

Next Steps

We hope you have found this guide useful. If it has not answered your question you can see related articles on the right or raise a ticket.