SD Bird Box Cameras (Wireless)

Setting Up Your USB Video Capture Device On A Windows PC
In this guide, we’ll show you how to get the software for your USB Video Capture Device up-and-running on your Windows PC. Installing the Drivers f...
USB1PC USBNC701 Capture Device Windows PC USB Setting Up
The Option For Selecting My Camera Using iSpy Is "greyed out"
First of all, please make sure you have the latest drivers for the iSpy software. Read our guide on how to do this. Next, please make sure you have u...
USB1PC Greyed Out iSpy BirdBox
How To: Change the Channel on a Wireless Bird Box Camera
In this article we will walk you through changing the wireless channel on your wireless bird box camera. In a lot of cases this can clear up interference an...
NCC701G NC701G wireless Channel Change
Connecting Your Wireless Bird Box Camera To Your TV
Connecting your Wireless Bird Box Camera to a TV is a simple process. Once the camera and receiver are powered on, it only needs 2 cables connecting to your...
wireless BirdBox TV Camera
How To: Set Up Wireless Bird Box Camera
wireless BirdBox Setup
How to Connect your Wireless CCTV Cameras to your DVR
wireless NC701G DVR Connect
How To: Setup Your USB Capture Device
USB USB1PC USBNC701 Capture Device
How To: Enable Audio On An NCF15EA / NC701G Using The iSpy Software On A Windows Machine
1) Right click on the live view of the camera and select "edit". 2) Under the microphone option click on the small 3 dots as below.  ...