In this guide, we are going to cover getting a camera feed from your Gamut IP Bullet PTZ Camera on your computer.

Installing the Correct Software for the Camera

First of all, you will want to download the software from the link below.


If you follow through the installation process and then load up the software once done.

It will ask you to set a username and password, this is for logging into the software so you can set it to auto login if you don’t want to restrict who can view the cameras on the computer.

For example, you could set the username to admin and the password to qwerty (I always recommend coming up with your own password).


Changing the Cameras IP Address

Once you have loaded the software you will want to select the Device Management option.

At the bottom, you will have an online device section where you will see a camera with an IP address of

Click on the device which is showing and press the Modify Netinfo button.

You will want to update the IP Address and Gateway to be compatible with your network.

If your internet provider is BT or Eir you will want to use the below settings

  • The IP address will be
  • Gateway will be
  • Default password for the camera is admin

For Virgin Media or Sky, it will be these settings.

  • The IP address will be
  • Gateway will be
  • Default password will be admin

With any other internet providers, you will need to manually check your network settings.

Adding Your Camera for Live View

Now that you have updated the cameras IP address you can add the camera so you can see a live image.

Select the camera from the “Online Device” list and press the add to client button.

  • The nickname can be labelled however you want, I have used Camera in this example.
  • Username will be admin (all lower case)
  • Default password is admin (all lower case)
  • Make sure the Export to Group button is ticked and press add

Bringing up the Live camera feed

Now that you have added the camera you will want to go back to the control panel and select Main View

On the left you will now see a camera option, you want to double click on your newly added device.

Double click again on the option which has appeared beneath to bring up the live camera feed.

That’s you all done!