Before You Begin

  • Test the WiFi connection strength at the site of your bird box using a smartphone, tablet or laptop
  • Remove the lens cap
  • Plug in the power supply into the trailing cable of the camera.

Downloading The Software & Setting Up The Camera 

1) Download the XMeye app.       Download for iOS

2) Instead of opening the app, open your settings. 

3) Open your WIFI settings and select the BEYE network. 

    - Enter the password 1234567890.

4) Open the XMeye app.

5) Now select the Direct Login icon.

6) Click on the BEYE camera.

7) Click on CAM01.

8) Now you will see a direct live view to the camera. 

    Next we need to add the camera to your wifi. 

9) You will now need to close the XMeye App

10) Once the app has closed, open your WIFI settings again and select your home wifi:

11) Press the white button on the end of the cameras cable twice, this will make the BEYE network disappear. (If the network doesn't disappear, repeat the clicks). 

Wi-Fi Camera Button Press

12) Now open the app and select Local Login. 

13) Now click on the "+" symbol in the top right hand corner. 

14) Now select the "quick configuration" tab.

15) Fill in your WiFi Password.

16) Click on Yes.

17) When the green symbol appears, click on it. 

18) Click "ok".

19) Click on the cameras serial number.

20) Click on CAM01. 

21) Next you will see the live view of your camera which has now been added to your WiFi. 

22) If you click on the blue house icon, you can access all of your settings for enabling audio \ setting the date and time etc. 

Your device should now show in your device list and you will be able to view live images over Wi-Fi.

Hints & Tips

  • Make sure the camera successfully connects to your network before you mount it into your bird box
  • Keep the antenna pointing upwards as this improves the Wi-Fi range
  • To improve the range of your Wi-Fi signal, purchase a Wi-Fi extender kit
  • In some cases, you may need to reset the camera. To do this, press and hold the reset button on the camera cables for 15 seconds

Enjoy watching wildlife on your Green Feathers Wi-Fi Bird Box Camera!