On occasion you may find that your wifi bird box camera appears to have stopped recording. This will usually be after you have had the camera disconnected from the power for a period of time but can also be as a result of other issues such as if your internet connection stops working for a while.

This problem is caused by the time on the camera not being correct. To fix this issue please follow the section below that is relevant to the app that you are using.


1) Tap the House icon underneath the live view of the camera.

2) Enter the ‘About’ menu, and tap the option that says ‘Automatic Time Synchronous’. 

3) This will sync the current date and time on your device with the camera.


1) Tap the Cog icon above the live view of the camera.

2) Open the General About Device menu and tap where it says Device Time. It will ask you to confirm that you want to sync the time, press Confirm at this point.

3) The time on your camera will now be synced with your phone and will be correct again.