This guide shows you how to set motion record using XMeye app.

You will need to go into XMeye and then select local login at the bottom and then you will be in your device list, once in this list you will need to select your camera, then select cam01, then this should take you into live view of the camera, your page should look like the photo provided below.

Then if you click on the house icon, this should take you into settings tab and it should look like this, you will need to select alarm config. Your page should look like this.

Once this is done, then you have selected alarm config, then your page should look like this in the photo provided below.

Please make sure alarm and alarm record are set on and then click save at the top right, then this will enable motion record.

Android Users

If you are on an android device there is one more step that you need to take.

On the main menu select Record Config. On that screen is an option for Record Mode, make sure that you have selected Alarm Video and press Save.

 Video loss alarm – Basically if there is a loss of video, if you have this on, push notifications will notify you.

 Alarm snapshot – will it send you a snapshot whenever it detects motion within the camera. 

 Alarm Push –  notification push alarms and making them active on your mobile phone.

 Sensitivity – is setting the sensitivity of the motion triggering, so for example, if you are getting false alarms that keep triggering it off, you can try to lower the sensitivity.

 Video blind can be set to send an email notification or set off an alarm. It means the camera will sense if the camera has been sprayed painted or covered over in a robbery, where if this case it happens,  then it up to you, whether you want to set this on.